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Grahame R. Lyons

Prior to founding Arbutus Partners, Grahame’s career includes being directly involved in the creation, development  or distribution of numerous highly successful Canadian investment funds totalling several billion dollars, from Fidelity Investments, iShares from Barclays Global Investors and Claymore Investments in particular. He is responsible leading the Arbutus business plan to be a leading voice  for emerging managers. Mr. Lyons also gained industry experience as a financial advisor and managing director responsible for over 50 staff at a publicly listed asset manager with two billion in assets under management. 

Jason Checkryn

Leading the business development of allocator relationships in Western Canada, Jason brings a strong combination of financial advisor and fund distribution experience. His Alberta based financial services career includes ATB Investor Services, Franklin Templeton, CIBC Renaissance and Frist Trust Asset Management, and a private equity offering from the largest asset manager globally.

Ronnie S

Expert financial wholesaler of investment vehicles based in Montreal, including private debt, new issues, private placements and venture capital to retail and institutional investment professionals. Over $1.5 billion raised.

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